Oral presentations

A direct imaging survey for Exoplanets around early-type stars

Submitted by Markus KASPER

A Uniform Analysis of 118 Stars with High-contrast Imaging: Long-period Extrasolar Giant Planets are Rare Around Sun-like Stars

Submitted by Eric NIELSEN

A VLTI/AMBER closure-phase search for low-mass companions around nearby young stars: first results on beta Pictoris

Submitted by Olivier ABSIL

Direct detection of exoplanets and circumstellar disks using NaCo APP and NaCo PDI

Submitted by Sascha QUANZ

Direct imaging of the brown dwarf/planet-mass companions to HR 8799 and GJ 758 from 1 to 5 microns: Constraints on atmospheric properties

Submitted by Thayne CURRIE

First results from SEEDS

Submitted by Motohide TAMURA

High Contrast Studies of Nearby Stars with Project 1640

Submitted by Neil ZIMMERMAN

Observations of beta Pictoris b

Submitted by Anne-Marie LAGRANGE

Results from the Arizona MMTO survey for giant exoplanets around nearby A stars

Submitted by Matthew KENWORTHY

Spatially resolved spectroscopy in the HR 8799 planetary system

Submitted by Markus JANSON

Spectral comparison of directly imaged, young substellar companions using integral field spectroscopy - construction of an empiric log g sequence

Submitted by Tobias SCHMIDT

The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign

Submitted by Michael LIU

The International Deep Planet Survey

Submitted by Christian MAROIS

The coolest Companion to a Sun-like Star: News on Follow-up Observations of GJ758B

Submitted by Markus Feldt

Update on Fomalhaut b

Submitted by Paul KALAS