In the Spirit of Lyot 2010

2nd announcement

The preliminary program and the list of invited speakers are now on the web site

new deadline for Abstract submission : July 5th, 2010


Registration are open. The abstract submission has been extended to July 5th. Given the constraints of the web site, abstracts *must* be submitted together with the registration. However, we encourage to register as soon as possible in order to anticipate the number of participants well in advance and make the appropriate arrangements. The interface for payment will be made available soon.…

To submit several abstracts, contact the SOC directly.

As several observing programs are ongoing we may expect some new discoveries of great importance by the time of the conference. We will accept very late abstract submission passed the deadline (until late September) and will try to fit it in the program. Contact directly the SOC for such cases.


- "What is the current status of exoplanet science": review of indirect detection survey results
- "Direct imaging ongoing programs": new detections, statistical results, performance of current instruments, thermal imaging …
- "Direct detection with transit spectroscopy": ongoing programs, new detections, detailed spectral analysis of known objects, performance of current instruments …
- "Planetary formation & disks in the prospect of direct detection": core accretion, gravitational instabilities, disk structures, …
- "Evolutionary models and planetary atmospheres": hot start, cold start, Super Earths …
- "Enabling technologies for high contrast": new concept of coronagraphs, wavefront sensing & control, interferometers, lab demonstrations, post-processing methods …
- "Near-term planned facilities": SPHERE/GPI/JWST, scientific and technical aspects, both for direct imaging and transit spectroscopy
- "Future ground and space projects for spectral characterization": ELTs, coronagraphs/occulters in space, interferometers in space …
- "Preparatory programs": accuracy of stellar parameters : age, distance, target selection, …
- "Relation with planetary science": common tools for spectral analysis, lessons learnt from planetary science, interest of high contrast instruments for solar system objects …

A more detailed version of the program is available at….


- Stephane Udry (Observatory of Geneva)
- Gael Chauvin (LAOG / CNRS - University Joseph Fourier)
- Eric Ford (University of Florida)
- Yann Alibert (University of Bern)
- Travis Barman (Lowell Observatory)
- Jean Luc Beuzit (LAOG / CNRS - University Joseph Fourier)
- James Graham (University of California, Berkeley - to be confirmed)
- Mark Clampin (NASA / GSFC)
- Thérèse Encrenaz (LESIA / CNRS - Observatory of Paris)
- Caitlin Griffith (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona)


- Anthony Boccaletti (chair) : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Paul Kalas : University of California, Berkeley
- Motohide Tamura : National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
- Claude Aime : FIZEAU / CNRS - University of Nice
- Anne-Marie Lagrange : LAOG / CNRS - University Joseph Fourier
- Laurent Mugnier : DOTA / ONERA
- Markus Kasper : ESO
- René Doyon : University of Montréal
- Hans Martin Schmid : ETH Zurich
- Giovanna Tinetti : University College of London


- Pierre Baudoz : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Daniel Rouan : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Jean-Luc Beuzit : LAOG / CNRS - University Joseph Fourier
- Gaël Chauvin : LAOG / CNRS - University Joseph Fourier
- Anthony Boccaletti : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Gérard Rousset : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Ourdya Achelhi : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Florence Henry : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Sylvain Cnudde : LESIA / CNRS - Paris Observatory
- Christèle Carette : ONERA
- Valerie Delrue : ONERA

POSTER of the Conference :

Some posters have been sent around to several institutes. However, the poster of the conference can be downloaded on the web site, so it can be printed and displayed broadly.


- abstract submission : July 5th, 2010
- early registration : September 6th, 2010 (200 euros for regular participants, 100 euros for students)
- late registration : anytime before the conference (+50 euros)

We also have limited funds to support travel especially for students and postdocs. Applications are made through the web site.


The conference will take place at the University Paris Diderot, 15 rue Hélène Brion, Paris 75013. The room can accept about 180 persons (max). Visit the web site for practical informations :….


A list of hotels is given on the web site. Prices are indicative and you may want to consider other alternative hotels in Paris. For convenience, choose an hotel that is close to the place or close to the public transport network (lines M6, M14, and RER C) and make your reservation as soon as possible to take advantage of the best fares.

Anthony Boccaletti for the SOC