The International Deep Planet Survey


Christian Marois




After completing the Gemini Deep Planet Survey (GDPS), an 86 young Sun-like/late-type star direct adaptive optics ADI imaging campaign, the International Deep Planet Survey was designed to complement the GDPS young late-type star sample by focusing mainly on early-type stars. The main idea behind the IDPS is that more early-type stars, being more massive, could harbor more massive and extended planetary disks, possibly forming more massive planets at wide separations – partially compensating for their less favorable observing conditions (on average brighter, older and further away than late-type targets). I will present the overall IDPS survey (currently ongoing at Keck, Gemini North/South and VLT) and current statistics. I will also go over several software upgrades (data archive and ADI/SSDI data reduction tools) that are being implemented to prepare for the upcoming next generation order-of-magnitude larger campaigns that will be carried out with the Gemini Planet Imager.

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