Results from the Arizona MMTO survey for giant exoplanets around nearby A stars


Matthew A. Kenworthy (1), Eric E. Mamajek (2), Philip M. Hinz (3), Michael R. Meyer (4)


(1) Leiden Observatory; (2) University of Rochester; (3) University of Arizona; (4) ETH Zurich


We present results from our survey for giant exoplanets around nearby A stars using the MMTO 6.5m telescope.

Motivated by the radial velocity detections of giant planets around evolved A stars, we selected A stars visible from the MMTO that are within 25 parsecs. The combination of a deformable secondary mirror AO system and the 3 to 5 micron Clio imaging camera allow us to reach model dependent sensitivities of a few Jupiter masses.

We present the direct imaging results of our survey, and coronagraphic observations of several brighter targets.

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