Spatially resolved spectroscopy in the HR 8799 planetary system


Markus Janson (1), Carolina Bergfors (2), Miwa Goto (2), Wolfgang Brandner (2), David Lafreniere (3)


(1) University of Toronto; (2) MPIA Heidelberg; (3) University of Montreal


HR 8799 is the first multi-planet system that has been directly imaged. It contains three known giant planets enclosed by an inner and outer debris belt — an architecture reminiscent of a scaled-up version of our own Solar system. We will discuss the first spatially resolved spectrum of the middle planet, HR 8799 c, acquired with VLT/NACO at 3.9-4.1 microns, where the continuum shape of the spectrum is suggestive of chemical non-equilibrium conditions in the atmosphere of the planet. We also describe our plans to characterize the other planets in the HR 8799 system, and to extend the wavelength coverage.

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