A direct imaging survey for Exoplanets around early-type stars


Kasper, Markus (1) Apai, Daniel (2) Aller-Carpentier, Emmanuel (1)


(1) ESO, (2) STScI


L-band direct imaging surveys reach the best sensitivities for Exoplanets with currently available Adaptive Opics sintrumentation. Theoretical modeling and the recent imaging of the giant Exoplanets around HR 8799, Fomalhaut and Beta Pic suggest that giant planets around early-type stars might not only reside at larger orbital distances, but may also be more massive than those orbiting later type stars. For these stars the snowline is located between 5 AU (F5) and 22 AU (A0), directly accessible by high-contrast imaging for nearby objects. We surveyed 23 nearby, young A and F-stars with NACO and were able to probe >3-10 M_J planets at the snow line and beyond for most of our targets. The null result is used to derive constraints for the mass-period function of Exoplanets around early-type stars. These observations provide the first insights in how frequent multi-Jupiter, HR8799bcd-like, systems are.

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