Coronagraphic performances of interfero-coronagraphs in presence of star leakage

Submitted by Claude AIME

Detection of extrasolar planets and circumstellar disks

Submitted by Khaled KHELFI

Experimental Verification of Bayesian Planet Detection Algorithms with a Shaped Pupil Coronagraph

Submitted by Dmitry Savransky

Optimizing the PIAA coronagraph: throughput and contrast with pre and post-apodizers.

Submitted by Alexis CARLOTTI

PSF reconstruction for NICI, the high-contrast coronagraphic imager of GEMINI observatory

Submitted by Markus HARTUNG

Sparse Aperture Masking at the VLT

Submitted by Sylvestre LACOUR

A coronagraph system with unbalanced nulling interferometer and fourth-order coronagraphs

Submitted by Jun NISHIKAWA

A novel algorithm for spectral extraction from a Coronagraphic Integral Field Unit

Submitted by Hunt STEPHANIE

Circular Aperture Interferometric Homothetic Apodization (CAIHA)

Submitted by Ossama AZAGROUZE

Coronography with a dynamic hologram

Submitted by Davide RICCI

Coupling high spatial and spectral resolution with high contrast imaging to characterize exoplanets with a hypertelescope

Submitted by Fabien PATRU

Focal plane sensor for coronagraphic imaging

Submitted by Remy VILLECROZE

Laboratory demonstration of an optical vortex mask coronagraph using photonic crystal

Submitted by Naoshi MURAKAMI

Multi-color experiments for a binary-shaped pupil mask coronagraph

Submitted by Haze KANAE

Occulter Starshade Technology Development

Submitted by Lisman P. DOUGLAS

Phase Closure Nulling: A "Lyot Mask" on correlated flux of stars

Submitted by Gilles DUVERT

Halftoning: from the printing industry to high-contrast imaging instruments

Submitted by Patrice Martinez

Interest of multistage apodized pupil Lyot coronagraph for ELTs

Submitted by Patrice Martinez

Vector Vortex Coronagraph technology developments for space-based and ground-based telescopes: status update, and recent test results

Submitted by Dimitri Mawet

Ground-based L-band coronagraphy

Submitted by Dimitri Mawet

Development of an L-band vector vortex coronagraph for NACO

Submitted by Olivier Absil

Analysis of the Lyot coronagraph response to an extended source

Submitted by Claude Aime

Calibration constraints for high contrast imaging

Submitted by M. Langlois

A simple and efficient model for polychromatic focal plane wave-front sensor

submitted by Sarah Dandy

Single Aperture Imaging Astrometry with a Diffracting Pupil: Laboratory demonstration

submitted by Eduardo Bendek