Phase Closure Nulling: A "Lyot Mask" on correlated flux of stars


Duvert, Gilles; Chelli, Alain; Malbet Fabien; Kern, Pierre


LAOG/IPAG OSUG Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble Domaine Universitaire de Grenoble


"Phase closure nulling" (PCN in short) is a technique which consists of observing fully resolved stars around the spatial frequency regions where the interferometric visibility amplitude is close to zero. Chelli et al. (2009) have shown that the phase closure in these regions is dominated by the signature of close and faint companions (if present), as if a "Lyot mask" was blocking the correlated flux of the star. This contribution will present the theory of PCN and results obtained on recent AMBER/VLTI and CHARA/MIRC observations, showing the high detection dynamics achieved by this observational technique.

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