Circular Aperture Interferometric Homothetic Apodization (CAIHA)


O. Azagrouze, A.Habib, Y. El Azhari, M. Lazrek and Z. Benkhaldoun


UFR : APHE, Université Cadi Ayyad, Faculté des Sciences Semlalia Av. Prince My Abdellah, BP 2390 Marrakech, Morocco


Abstract: In this work we describe an apodization technique of a circular telescope aperture . The apodization procedure introduced here consists of splitting a PSF image into two PSF images, using optical systems, where one of them has undergone a homothety to change its radial dimensions. After a coherent recombination of these two PSFs, we obtain an apodized image. This procedure allows us to reduce the diffraction wings of the PSF with different reduction factors depending on the combination parameters. In laboratory this apodization aproach can be realized by using an interferometric assembly based on Mach-Zender interferometer . We present here the simulation results and we show that the technique HACA reduce the diffraction wings. This technique can be combined with coronagraphy.

Keywords: High angular resolution, apodization, Mach-Zender interferometer, circular aperture, telescope.

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