IMAGES: An IMage Archive Generated for Exoplanet Surveys


Angelle Tanner


Georgia State University


In the past few years, there have been a menagerie of high contrast imaging surveys which have resulted in the detection of the first brown dwarfs orbiting main sequence stars and the first directly imaged exo-planetary systems. While these discoveries are scientifically rewarding, they are rare and the majority of the images collected during these surveys show single target stars. In addition, while papers will report the number of companion non-detections down to a sensitivity limit at a specific distance from the star, the corresponding images are rarely made available to the public. To date, such data exists for over a thousand stars. Thus, we are creating IMAGES, the IMage Archive Generated for Exoplanet Searches, as a repository for high contrast images gathered from published direct imaging sub-stellar and exoplanet companion surveys. This database will serve many purposes such as 1) facilitating common proper motion confirmation for candidate companions, 2) reducing the number of redundant observations of non-detection fields, 3) providing multiplicity precursor information to better select targets for future exoplanet missions, 4) providing stringent limits on the companion fraction of stars for a wide range of age, spectral type and star formation environment, and 5) provide multi-epoch images of stars with known companions for orbital monitoring. This database will be open to the public and will be searchable and sortable and will be extremely useful for future direct imaging programs such as GPI and SPHERE as well as future planet search programs such as JWST and SIM.

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