SEEDS J-band Polarimetric Imagery of the AB Aur Protoplanetary Disk


J Wisniewski(1), M Fukagawa(2), C Grady(3), J Hashimoto(4), T Kudo(4), M Munetake(5), Y Okamoto(5), M Tamura(4), K Hodapp(6) and the SEEDS Team


(1) University of Washington; (2) Osaka University; (3) Eureka Scientific/NASA GSFC; (4) NAOJ; (5) Ibaraki University; (6) University of Hawaii


The Strategic Exploration of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru (SEEDS) is a large survey which will be observing roughly 200 protoplanetary and debris disk systems over the next five years using the HiCIAO coronagraph + AO188 system on the Subaru telescope. We present new J-band polarimetric differential imagery of the proto-type Herbig Ae star, AB Aurigae, which diagnoses scattered light from the system between 20 - 540 AU at a resolution of roughly 8 AU. We discuss the morphology we observe in the outer disk region in the context of previous observations of the system, and compare/contrast the morphology in the inner disk region with recent H-band imagery of the system made with HiCIAO (Hashimoto et al 2010).