Adaptive Optics observations in Serpens NW: Outflows, Disks and Companions


Hodapp, K. W.


University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy


We report Keck/NIRC2 LGSAO observations obtained in the Serpens NW star forming region. Two epochs, separated by 2 years were observed, allowing us to determine proper motions of outflow shock fronts, and to determine the sources of the various outflows. Three variable YSOs are studied in more detail: The deeply embedded outburst star OO Ser, and EC 37 and EC 53. In all three cases, shock excited molecular hydrogen emission indicates outflow activity. A well-defined jet was found in EC 53, which was also found to be a binary. Variability in the extended emission was found for EC 53 and OO Ser. EC 37 appears to be oriented with the outflow axis nearly in the line of sight, and multiple knots of molecular hydrogen emission surround the stellar source.

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