Multiple Inclined Belts in a Nearby Circumstellar Debris Disk


Fitzgerald, M.P.(1) Kalas, P. (2) Graham, J.R. (2) Maness, H.M. (2)


(1) University of California, Los Angeles (2) University of California, Berkeley


HD 61005 is a nearby debris disk recently resolved with HST/NICMOS and ACS. These images show an asymmetric disk seen near edge-on. In addition to a brightness asymmetry between the ansae, the outer edge of this disk exhibits a "swept" morphology for which models for ISM interaction have been proposed. Here we present Keck AO imaging in the near IR at comparable inner working angles with improved spatial resolution. Our scattered-light images resolve the inclined inner edge of the debris belt and trace the brightness asymmetry in this region. We also present resolved thermal imaging at 10 microns using Gemini-S/T-ReCS that reveals an additional inner belt inclined by roughly 20 degrees in projection relative to the scattered-light disk. The region between these two belts is an attractive area to search for giant planets with upcoming high-contrast instruments.

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