Characterizing Corot-7b planet atmosphere with the instrument MIRI of the JWST


Cavarroc Céline Samuel Benjamin Léger Alain




Corot-7b is a 1.7 R_Earth transiting rocky planet which has been discovered in 2009. As it orbits at 4 R_Star of its star in 20h, it is likely phase-locked because of energy dissipation by strong tidal forces, and the characterization of its phase could inform us about the heat distribution on its surface. This effect has been modeled and the contrast between the planet and the star has been estimated all along the orbit.

The mid-infrared instrument MIRI of the 6.5m James Webb Space Telescope would be a powerful tool to study this effect. We have modeled accurately the whole system (telescope and instrument) taking into account the characteristics of the system, its intrinsic limitations and the different noises. Then we have determined the best strategy to observe the orbit of Corot-7b. We conclude that observing the phases of the planet along its orbit, with MIRI/JWST, should be possible.

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