FFREE: a Fresnel-FREE demonstrator for the common-path optics within EPICS.


Jacopo Antichi (1), Christophe Vérinaud (1), Olivier Preis (1), Alain Delboulbé (1), Gérard Zins (1), Patrick Rabou (1), Jean-Luc Beuzit (1), Sarah Dandy (2), Jean-François Sauvage (2), Thierry Fusco (2), Emmanuel Aller-Carpentier (3), Markus Kasper (3), Norbert Hubin (3)


(1) LAOG; (2) ONERA; (3) ESO


The purpose of FFREE - the new optical bench devoted to experiments on high-contrast imaging at LAOG - consists in the validation of algorithms based on off-line calibration techniques and adaptive optics (AO) respectively for the wavefront measurement and its compensation. The aim is the rejection of the static speckles pattern arising in a focal plane after a diffraction suppression system (based on apodization or coronagraphy) by wavefront pre-compensation. To this aim, FFREE has been optimized to minimize Fresnel propagation over a large near infrared (NIR) bandwidth in a way allowing efficient rejection up to the AO control radius, it stands then as a demonstrator for the future implementation of the optics that will be common to the scientific instrumentation installed on EPICS

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