Transit-timing variations and orbital stability of resonant high eccentric Earth-mass planets in "Hot Jupiter" systems.


Hinse, T. C. (1), Haghighipour, N. (2), Gibson, N. (3)


(1) Armagh Observatory, UK. (2) University of Hawaii, USA; (3) Oxford University, UK


We study the stability and possible detection of an Earth-like planet in a 3-Body transiting "Hot Jupiter" system. Orbital stability is quantified by calculating MEGNO for a wide range of (a,e) parameter space. We pay special attention to detect the location of mean-motion resonances. To confirm orbital stability we apply long-term numerical orbit integrations. For special high-eccentric orbits of the Earth-mass planet we calculate the transit-timing variation signal and discuss detection of the Earth-like planet as inferred from recurrent transit observations.

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