Target preparation for direct imaging planet searches


Patience (1), De Rosa (1), King (1), Song (2), Graham (3), Marois (4), Macintosh (5)


(1) Exeter; (2) Georgia; (3) UCB; (4) HIA; (5) LLNL


Direct imaging searches for planetary companions are intimately linked with surveys for young target stars, as younger planets are brighter and more detectable. With a combination of AO imaging and spectroscopic surveys, we are performing a systematic search for young stars suitable for upcoming planet imaging programs. For A-stars, the evolution away from the ZAMS allows a reliable age estimate, and we have identified several hundred nearby (D <75pc) A-stars with ages between 10-650Myr from high-quality Hipparcos data. With follow-up AO observations, we are vetting the sample for close binaries. For the solar-type stars, we have identified several thousand nearby (D <75pc), bright (I <9mag) stars with X-ray levels exceeding those of Hyades members, and we have obtained spectra to measure indicators of youth: Halpha, Li, Ca H & K line strengths. I will describe the results of the surveys and some of the science results.

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